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Chronicle of Raymond Frank Van Guilder and Elizabeth Mary Durham

Raymond Van Guilder, born November 24, 1885 and Elizabeth Mary Durham, born May 31, 1890 were married February 18, 1907.

From 1907-1920 the family lived in and around Rutland, Vermont. Their first six children were born in Rutland, the exception being Eleanor born in North Clarendon. While living in Rutland, Raymond was employed at the Howes Scale Company.

In 1920, Raymond's father, James Van Guilder, purchased a farm in W.Tinmouth, Vermont. Shortly thereafter the family moved there and lived on the farm, helping with running the farm. It was at W. Tinmouth in 1920 and 1921 that Frank and Amanda were born.

The family again moved in 1922 to Wells, Vermont where Raymond was employed by a farming conglomerate.

In or about 1925 the family purchased the farm in Middletown Springs, Vermont. Raymond and Elizabeth lived and farmed there until June, 1940. One son, Roland, was born there in 1928.

In 1940 they rented out the farm and moved to Rutland, then returned for one summer in 1941. They moved back to Rutland in October, 1941 and later sold the farm to Evelyn and Carlisle Heath.

When the second World War started in 1941 Raymond went into defense work and they moved to Springfield, Vermont in 1943 and then to Devon and Strattford, Connecticut in 1943 to 1945. Elizabeth also went to work to help the war effort. While in Connecticut they worked for Chance Vought Aircraft.

After the war in 1945 they moved to a small farm in Unity, New Hampshire where they only stayed a short time, moving back to Vermont in 1946. They lived in East Wallingford until 1948.

Retirement finally beckoned in Florida and in 1948 they went to Florida and purchased a small retirement home outside Brooksville and Raymond and his brother, Walter, worked at the Thomas Ranch in Spring Lake for a short time. Raymond also raised chickens and some vegetables for resale. Soon they were not only spending winters there but living year round. They were in Florida, returning periodically to Connecticut and Vermont until 1963 when, at the persuasion of the family, they sold the Florida home and returned to the north, living with Uncle Frank and Aunt Rose Van Guilder in E. Granville, New York on their farm until 1968 when they moved to Fairhaven, Vermont. They resided there until going to Rutland to live with their daughter, Evelyn Heath, and family in or about 1974.

Raymond Van Guilder died on April 22, 1978. Elizabeth Van Guilder died at Beverly Manor, Rutland, Vermont on September 22, 1982.

This Chronicle was compiled solely by me, Joan (Ricard) Wreschinsky, and I apologize for any errors, omissions or oversights herein. Special thanks for all your help - especially to my mother Eleanor, Aunts Mandy and Rose, Uncle Roland, Hilda Van Guilder Doubleday and Keiko Van Guilder, Written and compiled in July, 1995 - San Diego, California.

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